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Inconel 800

Incoloy 800H®, Ferrochronin® 800, Nickelvac® 800, Nicrofer® 3220

Incoloy® alloy 800 is a widely used material of construction for equipment that must have high strength and resist carburization,oxidation and other harmful effects of high-temperature exposure. (For high temperature applications requiring optimum rupture and creep properties, Incoloy® alloys 800H and 800HT® are used). The chromium in the alloy imparts resistance to oxidation and corrosion. The high percentage of nickel maintains an austenitic structure so that the alloy is ductile. the nickel content also contributes general corrosion, resistance to scaling and stress-corrosion cracking.

Incoloy® alloy 800 is used in a variety of applications involving exposure to high temperatures and corrosive environments. It is used for heat-treating equipment such as baskets, trays and fixtures. In chemical and petrochemical processing the alloy is used for heat exchangers and other piping systems in nitric acid media especially where resistance to chloride stress-corrosion cracking is required. In nuclear power plants, it is used for steam-generator tubing. The alloy is often used in home appliances for sheathing of electric heating elements. In the production of paper pulp, digester liquid heaters are often made of alloy 800. In petroleum processing , the alloy is used for heat exchangers that air-cool the process stream.

Incoloy 800® is a nickel-chromium alloy with good strength and excellent resistance to oxidation and carburization. The alloy maintains stable structure during exposure to high temperature, therefore incoloy 800® has good corrosion resistance to many acidic environments.

Dharanidhara Metals is one of the best suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and exporters of quality Inconel 800 in different forms.

Available forms are inconel 800 pipe, inconel 800 seamless pipe, inconel 800 welded pipe, inconel 800 tube, inconel 800 seamless tube, inconel 800 welded tube, inconel 800 coil, inconel 800 round bars, inconel 800 wire, inconel 800 sheet, inconel 800 plate, inconel 800 forgings, inconel 800 fittings, inconel 800 flanges, inconel 800 fasteners.

Chemical Analysis of ALLOY 800 UNS (N08800)
C Cr Ni Ti Al Fe Al + Ti Grain
0.10 max 19.0 - 23.0 30.0-35.0
0.15 - 0.60 0.15 -0.60 39.5 min 3.15 4.15  
 Sheet / Plate  ASME SB-409 / AMS 5877
 Round Bar  ASME SB-408 / AMS 5766
 Pipe  ASME SB-407 / ASME SB-829 / ASME SB-514 / ASME SB-775
 Tube  ASME SB-407 / ASME SB-829 / ASME SB-515 / ASME SB-751
 Fittings  ASME SB-366
 Forgings  ASME SB-564 / AMS 5766